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Shipping & Return Policy

Orders are shipped to Associate Pet Hospital and can be picked up in clinic, after being notified.

You will be notified by the email associated with your account, as soon as your order arrives.

Please note that shipments may be delayed at any time due to factors beyond our control during the shipping process, especially during the winter months.

Normally shipping takes between 1-2 business days depending on the time of day the order was placed. If your item(s) are in stock at the clinic you will be able to pick them up the same day, watch for an email. 


  1. Returning Product: All returns require authorization by the Inventory Manager, or appointed staff member. Product being returned must be brought to the clinic in re-sellable condition (undamaged, unopened, clean, unmarked, etc.) within 30 days after purchase. All products being returned will be subject to a 20% restocking fee upon return of item. This will cover all fees incurred from the supplier including shipping. There are items listed on the website marked as (nr) behind the product name, this means these items are non-returnable. Items marked as (so) are special order items which take 2-6 weeks to arrive at the clinic. These items are ordered directly from the manufacturer and are non-returnable. Items marked as (d) represent the item being discontinued, these items will not be eligible for returns under any circumstances.


  1. Discontinued/Seasonal/Back Ordered Product: If an item purchased is unavailable from the supplier, or there are any issues with an order, a clinic representative will notify the customer by phone, of any changes as soon as possible. Back ordered items will have a (tu) beside the item name, meaning "Temporarily Unavailable". Items may be discontinued, or back ordered at any time. Please look for the code (d) for “Discontinued” behind the item name. Discontinued and Seasonal items will not be eligible for returns as per the supplier.


  1. Food Returns: Royal Canin, Hills, and Purina, have a first time palatability guarantee on all their prescription diets. If your pet is trying a new diet for the first time and does not like the food, it can be returned for a full refund, provided the food is still in its original packaging. Returns will not be accepted if the food has expired, or has passed the 30 day return mark after purchase. The restock fee will be waved on palatability returns, this is subject to change on a case by case basis. Please note this applies to pets trying a new diet for the first time only. If your pet has experienced any gastro-intestinal changes on a current diet, or there is a problem with the bag purchased, please call us. In most cases these issues will be eligable for a full refund as well. Please call the inventory manager for any issues relating to a bag purchased.


  1. Arrival Times: Orders placed Monday-Thursday prior to 2:00PM (CST) will be shipped to the clinic for next day pickup. We do not receive orders over the weekends, or holidays. Orders placed Friday-Sunday will be processed on the next business day, or the following day, depending on day/time ordered. Arrival times may vary at any time due to holidays, weather, mechanical issues, etc. Once the item has arrived, a confirmation email will be sent to the email associated with your account. Your order is now ready for pickup. If damage to an item is sustained during shipment, staff will contact the supplier, and a new product will be shipped to the clinic promptly. This may result in a one day delay.


 Description Codes

(d) = Discontinued / Non-returnable

(nr) = Non-returnable

(tu) = Temporarily Unavailable

(so) = Special Order (These items are Non-returnable)


Pictures on the website may not directly depict the item it represents. Due to circumstances beyond our control, items may vary slightly from the photograph on our website. If this issue should arise and satisfaction is not met, please inform the staff at Associate Pet Hospital. A clinic representative will notify the supplier immediately and the item will be temporarily suspended from further purchases. Please note items that are marked as (assorted) will ship in a variety of colors and/or different varieties.

Associate Pet Hospital is not responsible for any item after purchase.

Please supervise pets with all items purchased.